C68 Mechanical Seal

Mostly use: water, oil & other low corrosion mediums

These light duty seals are suitable for mass produced pumps.  They are precision engineered and suitable for the working conditions listed below. The seal contact is made by spring pressure and a rubber diaphragm which can accommodate a small degree of misalignment and wear of the seal face.

Working Conditions

Fluid: Water, mild chemicals and lubricating oils
Equipment: Mass Produced water pumps, dishwashers, washing machines etc.
Pressures: External = 5 bar, Internal = 1 bar
Temperature: 0ºC to 80ºC
Materials: The rubber diaphragm and the stationary gasket are nitrile and all  metal parts are stainless steel with ceramic against carbon.

1/2″ S14,228,5532,014,025,018,25,08,0
1/2″ M14,230,035,015,024/2318,05,08,0
1/2″ L14,233,438,014,025,018,05,06,7
5/8″ L18,238,141,518,031,019,85,08,0
1″ L26,452,057,029,048,025,07,010,0
1 1/8″31,052,057,032,048,027,08,011,0