Special Mechanical Seals

GLI Seals

Cartridge Seals

Cartridge seals are self-contained units consisting of a shaft sleeve, seal, and gland plate. The unit is fitted onto the pump shaft as a built assembly, and no further fitting is required. These seals are supplied in single and double form.  The Gland Plate is often fitted with various tappings to provide for flushing, cooling water injection and disaster control.

Types of Cartridge Seals:  Single & Double (Dual Seals)


These seals are single faced seals and can also be fitted with a flushing system.


Dual Seals are double pressure balanced seals with four faces that are compatible with an external flush system.  Dual seals consist of four faces, two rotating and two stationary parts.  These seals are often used in plants where chemical or abrasive products are pumped as the flush keep clean water in circulation.  Also when one face becomes damaged, the seal can still operate.

Industries where dual seals are commonly used:

–  Chemical
–  Water Treatment
–  Food and Beverage Industry