Submersible Pumps for Slurry & Sewage

Submersible Pump for Solids

Featuring a unique screw impeller with efficient clog free operation!

Introducing a new South African developed and manufactured submersible pump. These pumps have been designed for the mining and industrial sectors for de-watering, sludges/slurry, sewerage and mining fines. Due to the impeller options available, these pumps are capable of handling solids.

The screw-centrifugal impeller design allows for clog-free operation with the added efficiency of a centrifugal pump. In slurries, thick sludge and suspended solids the screw section burrows like a corkscrew to start the material moving and to keep it moving.

Submersible Pump Typical Applications

  • Raw sewerage and sludge
  • Mining sump clean-up and setting dams
  • Paper stock and wood chips
  • Food handling
  • Abattoirs
  • Fish transportation
  • Abrasive materials


Non- Clogging Submersible Pump

The design of our RELION screw-centrifugal impeller forms an open channel from the ‘suction’ to the ‘discharge’ resulting in a highly efficient clog-free operation.

The shoulder shield on the blade edges prevent the hooking of fibrous materials on the impeller.

Standard non-clog submersible pumps such as ‘one-port’ or ‘two-port’ types are not generally clog-free, as fibrous materials and solids can hang up on the impeller blade edges as it enters the pump’s suction.

The abrupt 90 degree turn the materials must make between the inlet and the outlet can cause large and/or irregular shaped objects to lodge in the casing and thus cause clogging.



Smooth flow and low turbulence produced by our RELION screw impeller allows for low hydraulic losses with resultant high pumping efficiencies with a 60% water and 40% solids capability.

The RELION screw-centrifugal impeller is designed to provide a positive displacement to achieve higher efficiencies, steep and stable performances, curves and low overloading power.

(Graphic labels)

  • Submersible motor with dry windings for high efficiency. High insulation rating.
  • Removable motor cover with hermetically sealed cable entry assembly
  • Easy adjustment of impeller clearance
  • Renewable liner for low maintenance cost
  • Screw-centrifugal impeller for higher efficiency. Large free passage for pumping of textile laden liquids, sludges and liquids of high consistency.


  • Hermetically sealed cable entry assembly allows unit to be disconnected after removal of terminal box cover whilst maintaining a secondary hermetic seal to protect motor. Allows removal of unit from pump station without disconnection from control panel.
  • Double mechanism seals with oil chamber. Important if dry running should occur.
  • Renewable impellers and liners on all models.
  • Product side seal with carbide faces suitable for liquids with high solids concentration and abrasive media.
  • Dry motor with class ‘H’ insulation.
  • No oil or water in contact with motor winding increases reliability and gives the highest motor efficiency.